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  • In recent years SICA has developed applications with anthropomorphic robots for the end of line of extrusion lines with the [...]

  • Within the sector of automatic systems for pipe coil packaging, also SICA, a company known for its automatic downstream equipment [...]

  • The need for innovative green technology in the plastic pipe production industry capable of guaranteeing high performance, process flexibility and [...]

  • SICA has patented an innovative method for cutting plastic pipes that makes it possible to reach very high production rates [...]

  • SICA, an Italian machine manufacturer, implements energy, material and cost-savings solutions for each of its newest machines. Flash 450 film [...]

  • Multiple strand extrusion lines for plastic pipes are growing. Lately, the market demand seems to be moving from double extrusion [...]

  • Bi-oriented PVC pipes are recognized for their considerable savings of raw materials while maintaining the same mechanical resistance and application [...]

  • SICA has plenty of successful installations of flexible pipe coilers and rigid pipe packaging machines all over the world. The [...]

  • FOR AUTOMATIC MACHINES USED IN THE PRODUCTION OF PLASTIC PIPES In the field of automatic machines, used in various sectors, [...]

  • The company SICA, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, organized an Open House in mid-July, opening again the doors to [...]

  • The most innovative electronic technologies and new broadband ADSL lines have made it possible to remotely maintain machines on the [...]

  • OPTIONAL SICA's new machines equipped with an Operator Interface allow you to integrate a PDF reader with which it is [...]

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