The most innovative electronic technologies and new broadband ADSL lines have made it possible to remotely maintain machines on the production line. This remote access allows specialists and Sica software developers to monitor, check, provide technical support for and modify the operation of installed machines without the need to enter the factory.

The remote maintenance KIT is installed inside the control panel of the machine. Alternatively, a bundle can be provided which includes all of the material needed to temporarily or permanently install the remote maintenance device in machines that do not yet possess them.

To allow SICA specialists to reach the remote maintenance device, the device must be connected to the factory’s LAN network via the ethernet port and allow this port to connect to the internet. The use of high safety standards such as the VPN RELAY and the AES 256 bit data code guarantee a safe connection. The integrated firewall also separates the traffic of automated data from the factory’s network data.

As an alternative to the ethernet connection, a UMTS mobile phone network can be used by inserting a USB modem (in key format), complete with an enabled data SIM, into the remote maintenance device.

The benefits that this provides compared with the previous system that used a telephone line are: faster data transmission (and therefore better diagnostic capacity), elimination of frequent interruptions on the line which was a problem with the telephone, the ability (when using a UMTS system) to intervene in areas where it is difficult to pass wires for the internet line.

Today, through this technology, end customers and Sica specialists are even more in step with each other, even if they are located at opposite ends of the globe.

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