Welcome to SICA Aftersales Services – Your Satisfaction is our Priority!

Welcome to SICA Aftersales Services – Your Satisfaction is our Priority!

We make your job easier

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your products performing at their best. Count on us to provide timely maintenance services, ensuring your products last for years to come.
We’re just a call or email away!

Connect to our “spare parts portal” created to simplify your work.
Watch the video to better understand the benefits and access methods.

To receive the credentials to access the portal please contact the following address: spares@sica-italy.com

and Know-how pay off

When purchasing a SICA machine, after-sales assistance for us it is a service as important as the sale itself.

In our spacious warehouse, the spare parts inventory is continuously replenished.
In addition, it is useful to know that we keep spare parts for at least 10 years after purchase.
However, to make it easier for you, we normally choose commercial parts from the best-known international suppliers, so that they are also easily available on your local market.


Customer care

Our staff is trained on yours requests, speak in the language to facilitate communication and travel the world.

Contact us for any need.

After sales office

The sales office is at your disposal by phone and email.
Will gladly respond to any request for installed spare parts on our machines.

Services office

The services office carries out activities both on site and remotely.
Through the “Share Assist” service developed by SICA, our technicians will be able to connect in real time to yours machine and guide you in troubleshooting.

Share assist

Share Assist SICA is a technological device (camera) and an innovative program that offers the possibility to our technicians to connect remotely to the customer’s machine to provide immediate support. Discover all the advantages in the video alongside.

What can we
do for you?

The best way to find out about SICA is to get in touch.
We are ready to cooperate.