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SICA is an Italian company with offices in three countries, Italy, India and the United States, which manufactures machinery with high technological value and low environmental impact for the end of the line of extruded plastic pipes.

The passion for our work and empathy for the needs of our market are the sparks that fuel the search for innovative solutions, our highly technological products and advanced services, which are now appreciated and spread all over the world.

Inside Sica,

People are the heart of our company.
Each strives every day to provide the best possible combination of quality, value and price, for the benefit of all.

In SICA you can meet people with over 40 years of service who, thanks to a proven coaching and knowledge transfer system, support the younger staff, thus creating a combination of values ​​between experience and innovation, passing through competence.

A good level of schooling, high technical skills, essential knowledge of foreign languages ​​and great transparency are the distinctive features that define our group and that ennoble the achievement of results.

Visiting customers, listening to their needs, sharing goals are constantly encouraged.

Globally competitive

There are thousands of good reasons to invest in SICA machinery.
Here are the top 10.

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