We contribute to well-being
of a sustainable world.

We contribute to well-being of a sustainable world.

Let’s go green with SICA!

The first goal that our R&D department sets itself is environmental protection.
Thanks to years of research and many investments, SICA has created families of machines with low environmental impact. Following are some examples.

Green saws

Cutting and chamfering technology without production of chips for PVC pipes.

  • Pipe clean inside and out.

  • No pollution, no need for recycling, cheaper process.

  • Polished cut and bevel, same color as bevel part and pipe body.

  • Clean cutter, clean downstream machines, clean floor, less maintenance.

  • Reduced cutting noise.

COMBO KW 110 2X2


Green belling machines

Use of drive forming units electric.

  • Quickness of movements.

  • Low noise levels.

  • Exceptional positioning accuracy and repeatability.

  • Full real-time control of process parameters in terms of strokes and working speed.

  • Saving the energy required by hydraulic pumps working 24 hours/day.

  • Saving the cost of hydraulic oil.

  • No emission of contaminating fluids.


These are only two important achievements which the company likes to share, but there is much more. Let’s go green with SICA!

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