and key features

Planetary saws for cutting and chamfering rigid pipes in ABS and PVC without material extraction.

Advantages and key features:

  1. SICA specific system that uses a revolutionary way to cut and chamfer plastic pipes without production of chips and dust, eliminating completely any inconvenience arising from creation of dust material when cutting and/or chamfering. Problems such as collection, storage and removal are completely eliminated.
  2. Less maintenance needs due to the complete absence of dust/swarf contaminants.
  3. Universal chamfer unit nearly indestructible: total cost of ownership drastically reduced thanks to the absence of worn cutters needing resharpening.
  4. Low noise level of machine (no fans and cutting tools in motion)
  5. Superior quality of production in terms of smoothness surface regularity.
  6. Electrical synchronization and CNC Control. In addition to the automatic regulation of the carriage speed when extrusion speed changes, the logic control enables “Cutting on the fly” (SICA patent), increasing the number of possible cut to be performed and the maximum sustainable velocity.

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