In the field of automatic machines, used in various sectors, the trend that is currently achieving the highest success is electromechanical technology. This is because the technology is able to ensure various advantages such as greater product quality, a higher percentage of products that tolerate a predefined model, reduced production waste and reduced cost of consumable materials and energy costs. By now, this technology is developed enough to be adapted to the plastic pipe sector.

But what exactly is electromechanics for handling automatic machines? Parts of automatic machines can be handled in various ways. Traditionally, in the field of plastic pipe production, the predominant technologies used were hydraulics for high power and pneumatic for low power. The current development of the electronics has uprooted this paradigm For example, a simple electromechanical operation involves an electric motor, controlled by an electronic device called an inverter, and coupled to a dedicated mechanical component. There are multiple benefits to this type of application.

The first benefit is greater precision and dynamism in handling. This characteristic has a positive impact on products managed, translating into higher quality, greater repeatability and reduced production waste. The increased dynamism of handling can also easily increase productivity with a higher number of products produced per hour.

The second benefit in this type of application is the cost-efficiency in terms of power consumption. In a world where raw materials run out, machinery such as electromechanical machinery, able to ensure low consumption of energy and materials, offers a sure step forward.

Another milestone in electromechanical handling is its tolerance to variations in production conditions, its versatility and its ease of handling.

All of these aspects indicate a trend in which electromechanical technology will always make inroads in the plastic pipe sector as, equal to the investment, they ensure greater productivity and better products.

Sica strongly believes in this trend. As further proof of this technology’s worth, today moulding of the new Unibell E&P is available for carriage handling. As already evidenced, the precision and repeatability of handling is also clear in the socket product which appears better in terms of quality and produces notably less waste. The dynamism of the carriage and the flexibility of the application also guarantee increased productivity and practicality of use.

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