Multiple strand extrusion lines for plastic pipes are growing. Lately, the market demand seems to be moving from double extrusion lines to quadruple extrusion lines. So SICA, Italian machine manufacturer, produced the first belling machine of this kind, Multibell 75Q. This is a very fast automatic belling machine specifically designed to receive PVC-U pipes coming from four-strand extrusion lines at independent speeds. It handles high production extrusion lines and can socket up to 1200 pipes/hour. Multibell 75Q can socket pipes with output diameter ranging from 16 to 75 mm and of length from 1 to 6 m plus socket.

The pipes coming from each strand are moved to a buffer by means of a high-speed handling system to form a group of 2, 3 or 4 pipes, depending on the diameter. The group of pipes is moved to the hot air-recirculation oven, which warms with high precision the required pipe length to be socketed, thanks to the double automatic aligning system integrated in the oven. When the heating stage is finished, the group of pipes is moved to the multi-forming station and socketed.

Solvent cement cycle or air-blowing cycle are both available, and sockets are cooled externally by precooled compressed air and internally by cold water circulating through the mandrels. For producers who want to bundle the socketed pipes, an available bagging or strapping machine can be placed in-line contributing to a complete process automation.
If we compare a four-strand to a two-strand extrusion line having the same output rate, we can highlight the following advantages:

  • High quality of the end product: by extruding at a lower speed, the quality of the pipe is higher and constant during production;
  • Short payback period: the four-strand extrusion line ensures achievement of very high machine availability at the maximum pipe output rate possible, therefore attaining a shorter payback period of the investment;
  • Small footprint: four-strand extrusion line footprint is practically the same as a two-strand extrusion line, but with a higher achievable output rate;
  • Low maintenance costs: a four-strand extrusion line needs less maintenance than a two-strand extrusion line thanks to the lower extrusion speed of each strand;
  • User-friendly: the higher the line speed, the more difficult it is to control the line. Thanks to the lower extrusion speed of each strand, a four-strand extrusion line is easier to set than a two-strand extrusion line.

Multibell 75Q is a low energy consumption modern belling machine capable of satisfying the most demanding customers who look for value, consistent high output and fast return on investment.

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