SICA, an Italian machine manufacturer, implements energy, material and cost-savings solutions for each of its newest machines. Flash 450 film coilers are no exception.

In fact, the packaging method chosen reduces the quantity of film used with respect to traditional systems available on the market (up to -30%).

It is an automatic coiler for packing corrugated PVC, PE and PP pipes from 16 to 25 mm diameter, in short length coils covered with stretch film. The coiler has 3 reels with centralized adjustment controls, a film dispenser with electronic tension control, universal film cutting systems and variable-geometry reel unloading device. The machine is equipped with a wireless communication system for control of the main reel functions.

Flash 450 has a modern designed to reduce to a minimum any operator intervention and parts substitution for diameter change. It is safe, and easy to run and feed with pipe, film and stickers.
It produces beautiful, compact and firm coils.

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