SICA’s new machines equipped with an Operator Interface allow you to integrate a PDF reader with which it is possible to view technical documentation such as User Manuals, Electrical Diagrams, Pneumatic Circuit Diagrams and other documents to make it easier to refer to them when necessary, therefore improving production management.

The integrated PDF reader is available as an option on newly constructed machines fitted with 10-inch operator panels. The reader is presented as a normal PDF file reader installed on the operating system of the device. Via the powerful Touch Screen (therefore without the use of a mouse and keyboard), you can access and view Electrical Diagrams, Operating Guides and other documents.

Developments to come will also allow you to generate PDF files of certain important documents such as the generated recipes list, the daily production report, the list of alarms active in the machine and other important diagnostic information. This further improves production management and makes it easier to check this directly online on the machine. All of these documents will be accessible via a USB port that operators can easily reach.

Through this function, combined without countless others, Sica aimed to give its machines a brand and appearance in keeping with the times, using the clear benefits of implementing new technologies whilst maintaining the traditional and consolidated reliability at international level.

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