and key features

FullAuto planetary saws for cutting with circular blade rigid pipes in HD-PE and PP-R with automatic diameter change directly in an extrusion line.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Automatic format change system. An electromechanical measuring device records the speed of the pipe, adjusts the cutting length and recognizes variations in diameter. The machine pinpoints and eliminates the conical section of the pipe and configures itself to the new format.
  2. Hydraulically driven cutting arm. Facilitates pipe cutting by automatically positioning itself according to the new format.
  3. Optional universal clamps. Multiple-armed clamps with rubber pads, assuring efficient and uniform grip on pipes. Unlike traditional clamps, they allow holding all workable diameters in the machine’s range without any operator intervention.
  4. Synchronization. Allows adjustment of carriage speed as extrusion speed varies, and assures higher precision in cutting length.

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