and key features

Planetary saws for single or double cutting of single-, double- and triple-walled corrugated HDPE and PP pipes.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Electronic cutting point search system.
  2. Cut centered between the corrugated pipe grooves thanks to the use of specific centering cams.
  3. Automatic synchronization. Allows automatic adjustment of carriage speed as extrusion speed varies, and assures higher precision in cutting length.
  4. Cutting unit with high rotation speed. Quick, accurate cuts guaranteed.
  5. Optional scrap cutting device for pipes with sockets produced by the corrugators in line (double cut).
  6. Optional cutting system with floating auto-centering cam. The system guarantees automatic compensation for the compression and expansion of the extruded corrugated pipe for a perfect final cutting position with respect to the desired zone.

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