and key features

Multi-socketing of small diameter PVC-U pipes with single and multiple socketing.
Automatic belling machines for forming sockets with a gasket seat via air-blowing against the external molds and solvent-cements sockets, configured with multi-socketing for high productivity of small diameter PVC-U.
Available machine models include models with mono-extrusion pipe feed, models for double-extrusion and models with multi-extrusion pipes feed with independent speeds.
Machines with a hot-air heating station and forming station with socket air-cooling.

Specialized versions to form Rieber sockets (R Versions).
Versions with greater productivity, with enhanced socket heating and cooling system (PLUS and H version).

Multibell models and specialized versions for solvent-cement sockets (BA/CA/L) with electrical-pneumatic operation.

Advantages and key features:

  1. High quality of the pipe: dual and multistrand lines offers high hourly capacities at low extrusion speeds, which means a good constant control of the socketed pipe quality during production.
  2. Short payback period: the four-strand extrusion line associated to the multi-socketing ensures the maximum pipe output rate possible, therefore a shorter payback period of the investment.
  3. Small footprint: four-strand extrusion line footprint is practically the same as a two-strand extrusion line, but with a higher achievable output rate.
  4. Low maintenance costs: a four-strand extrusion line needs less maintenance than a two-strand extrusion line thanks to the lower extrusion speed of each strand.

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