and key features

Machines for pressure tightness testing of both pipes of PVC-U (ANSI-AWWA C900 standards) and PVC-O (ANSI-AWWA C909 standards) for water distribution networks. The machines are designed to be positioned alongside the belling machines and to receive the pipes coming out of the forming stations.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Less floor space occupied than models currently available on the market.
  2. Machines mounted on rails for longitudinal motorized movement to allow the tool changing on the belling machine.
  3. The pipes arriving from the belling machine are positioned inside the tank regardless of their exit position from the forming station.
  4. Possibility of testing also pipes without socket (Cobra-Lock type).
  5. These units are equipped with a lid that allows the passage of socketed pipes that do not require pressure testing; it is never necessary to move them from their position.

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