and key features

Haul-offs for transfer of corrugated PVC, PE and PP pipes with or without socket.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Independently driven caterpillars using vector motors, which allow for constant transfer power. Furthermore, they reduce energy waste and the number of moving parts subject to maintenance.
  2. Can process pipes with integrated sockets. In the configuration with twin pulling unit connected in series, the machine is also able to transfer corrugated pipes with socket, ensuring that contact is continually maintained with the pipe.
  3. All caterpillars are driven in combination by pneumatic cylinders. The position of all caterpillars is adjusted mechanically at the same time, based on the diameter of the pipe. The caterpillars are kept in contact with the pipe by means of pneumatic cylinders; the contact pressure of these cylinders can easily be modulated to prevent deformation of the pipe.
  4. Able to absorb spontaneous pipe shrinkages and compression. As pipes exit the corrugator, the machine prevents them from being compressed and altering the pitch of the corrugated pipe grooves.
  5. Bow-shaped caterpillars. The shape reduces stretching and wear on the caterpillars, thus prolonging the life of the machine.
  6. Pivoted caterpillars with pipe crushing control system.
  7. Chain conveyors with neutral rubber pads that do not mark the pipe.

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