and key features

Automatic coilers for packing smooth and corrugated PVC, PE and PP pipes in coils. Coils are wrapped across their diameter with bands of stretch film.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Energy savings and limited investment. The entire packing process is handled on the extrusion line by a compact, reliable machine.
  2. Pipes protected to the very last turn. Coils have a special feature: they are designed so that you can pull out the length of pipe desired starting from the end on the inside of the coil without the packaging coming apart. This means that unused pipe remains neatly inside the package and does not get dirty.
  3. High coiling rate. Separate storage station and packaging station.
  4. Savings in coil transport costs. The product (coil) is packed without a core inside. This means that the empty space in the middle of the coil can be minimised, achieving a smaller size of packaging than the average coil for the same amount of wound pipe.
  5. In the HS version reduced setup time thanks to with automatic adjustments, which allows a considerable time savings for format change.
  6. Automatic and continual adjustments of the internal diameter.

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