and key features

Belling machines for rigid PE, PP pipes, for single or multisocketing (up to 2 pipes at a time), with PSP system (Permanent Socket Profile – international SICA patent).

Advantages and key features: 

  1. The (SICA patented) PSP system allows forming sockets with internal calibration and avoids spontaneous shrinkage of sockets, even after lengthy exposure to atmospheric agents.
  2. Forming system for compact or multilayer pipes.
  3. Heating system with 3 thermo-controlled zones that allow uniform heating even of thick-walled pipes. Enhanced versions with greater productivity also available:
    – H versions with a contact oven and a shortwave infrared (IR-SW) oven and socket cooling via pre-cooled air in an internal refrigeration cycle (SICA patent).
    – D versions, configured with double socketing for increased productivity with small-medium diameter pipes.
  4. Belling pipes of any length, from 0.5 (1,5’) to 6 m (20’) (versions for pipes up to 12 m (40’) available).

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