and key features

The EL series of automatic pipe elevators receive pipes from the line, and then deposits them one at time in an unloading area at a defined height.
The EG series of automatic pipe elevator-rotators receive pipes from the line and rotates them according to the selected program. Rotated pipes are then deposited one at time in an unloading area at a defined height with the socket end alternatively arranged.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Packaging process automation resulting in labor costs reduction.
  2. Ease of use and maintenance. Machine mechanics are simple and functional, which makes machine use and maintenance simple.
  3. In the EG series the pipe rotation feature can be deactivated. The machine is functional and flexibile.
  4. Warning light and audible signal. Indicates when the set number of pipes has been reached.
  5. Low investment cost. The essential feature allows a machine with low costs and a safe return on investment.
  6. The elevator-rotators can also be configured with pneumatic device that can hold the rotating pipe. For a better guarantee of stability of the rotating pipe, which is useful when the pipe is not correctly formed.

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