and key features

High productivity automatic planetary saws for cutting and chamfering short rigid PP pipes (SICA patent)

Advantages and key features:

  1. The machine is equipped with two independent cutting units; the distance between them is electronically controlled and can be modified in real time, allowing double cycles of simultaneous cutting and achieving elevated hourly production rates.
  2. Electronic synchronization and CNC control system: In addition to the automatic regulation of the carriage speed when extrusion speed changes, the logic control enables “Cutting on the fly”, increasing the number of possible cut to be performed and the maximum sustainable velocity.
  3. Innovative system for programming production lots. Once the basic parameters have been defined (extrusion speed, product characteristics, capacity of downstream machines) the user can plan the production lots desired. They will be automatically optimized by the system.
  4. Combined cutting system. Each cutting unit is equipped with two arms: one with a cutting disc and/or chamfer mill that makes the first partial cut of the pipe, and the second with a knife that completes the cut. Chips do not enter inside the cut pipe.
  5. Cutting arms with feeler. This system allows uniform chamfering, independently of pipe ovalization.
  6. Chip/dust extraction system with high output. Integrated system with high extraction power, with periodical automatic control of the extraction efficiency.

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