and key features

Automatic coilers with two reel structure for flexible smooth and corrugated PVC, PE and PP pipes. Packaging with heat-sealed PP straps.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Double reel that ensures high production speeds and reliability.
  2. Pipe guide unit completely motorized. The pipe is guided on the reel with instantaneous positioning control on three orthogonal directions. This ensures positioning regularity of the spiral and compactness of the coils.
  3. Efficient coiling action. Thanks to the haul-off installed on the pipe guide, the pipe is continually tensioned throughout the packaging cycle. This prevents the pipe ovalization during the coiling process.
  4. Optional second strapping unit for improved production rate.
  5. Uninterrupted work cycle with no downtime. This is made possible by the two fastening stations, which work independently.
  6. Touch-screen display with user friendly HMI for an intuitive user experience.
  7. Reduced setup time thanks to with automatic adjustments, which allows a considerable time savings for format change.
  8. Electro-pneumatic strapping unit with electronic control of strap tension. The strap management system self-adapts to the coil dimensions.
  9. Motorized strapping unit movement with torque control. Avoids signs or dents on the outer surface of the coils.
  10. Front coil unloading, which permits optimal management of the successive packing phases.
  11. Sturdy mechanical frame.
  12. Compact footprint compared with maximum product dimensions.

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