and key features

Machine for hauling and cutting rigid pipes in ABS, PVC, PE and PP.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Combination of 1 haul-off and 1 saw (2×1 version) or of 2 haul-offs and 2 planetary saws (2×2 version for double extrusion) for hauling and cutting/chamfering pipes in ABS, PVC, PE and PP with high extrusion speed.
  2. Haul-off with 2 caterpillars with pivoting upper caterpillar that can be pneumatically placed; lower chain caterpillar with fixed height and with high-friction, low-wear neutral vulcanized rubber pads.
  3. Vector drive systems of caterpillars and constant pulling power at different extrusion speeds.
  4. Cut-off type circular saw with a disc that oscillating downward. Synchronization. Cutting units synchronized electronically with the haul-offs’ speed.
  5. High production of short pipes even at high extrusion speeds.
  6. Chip/dust extraction system. Integrated system with high extraction power, with periodical automatic control of the extraction efficiency.
  7. Optional universal clamps. Clamps with multiple arms with rubber pads that grant an efficient and uniform grip of the pipe. they allow holding all workable diameters in the machine’s range without operator intervention.
  8. Its is available a version for quadruple extrusion with 4 saws and 4 haul-offs.
  9. It is available a version with 2/4 saws only without haul-offs.

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