and key features

Semiautomatic belling machines for forming solvent-cement sockets or sockets with gasket seats on rigid pipes and fittings in ABS, PVC and PP

Advantages and key features:

  1. High productivity and low production costs.
  2. Long-term quality of socket, comparable to the quality achieved with automatic models.
  3. Belling of pipes, fittings and double sockets (pass through and otherwise) of any shape.
  4. Forming system with mechanical mandrel with expandable inserts and external pressure (BS/R 500), with solvent cement mandrel, or by air blowing. Vacuum action in the Rieber cycle (BS/R/F 500).
  5. Single oven or multiple ovens. With this option, any production requirements can be met.
  6. Version available for Rieber socket processing (BS/R/F 500).
  7. Adjustable ovens. Facilitate the job of heating special pieces (for BSR 500 and BS/R/F 500 only).
  8. Low production and maintenance costs.
  9. Possibility of adjusting the machine in two working positions (horizontal and vertical) in relation to different production needs: the machine can process pipes with length up to 6 m (20’) (BS/R 200).

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