and key features

Bagging machine for smooth rigid pipes and belled pipes in ABS, PVC, PE and PP. Suitable for single or double extrusion lines. Possibility of receiving pipes from the bench of multi-socketing belling machines type Multibell.

Advantages and key features:

  1. High productivity. Approximately up to 105 packages per hour.
  2. Provides a finished product, which is easily carried and commercially attractive.
  3. Prevents stored pipes from deteriorating as a result of sunlight and dust.
  4. PE film with gauge up to 100 µm. The bundle of pipes is wrapped with a continuous longitudinal seal and two seals closing the ends of the package.
  5. Continuous film feeding. A warning light and audible signal indicate when the film is running out.
  6. System for joining the start of the new roll of film to the one about to run out. This operation does not stop the machine’s work cycle.

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