and key features

Fully automatic pipe wrapping machine for bundling small bore rigid plastic pipes with film. There is the possibility of receiving pipes from mono-extrusion, bi-extrusion and quadruple extrusion lines or from the bench of multi-socketing belling machines type Multibell.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Automated packing process and labor costs reduction.
  2. Universal and automatic pack compaction system. Reduces setup time for format change and assures a stable (hexagonal) shape of the packaged bundle of pipes.
  3. Wide range of packaging options. Easy setup for the number of pipes and arrangement of pipes in the bundle.
  4. Shape of bundle programmable from control panel, depending on the dimensions of the packs and specific client needs.
  5. Wrap number selector. With this device, you can select the desired number of wraps and customize the type of packaging.
  6. Automatic setup and reduced format change times. Format change is performed from the control panel selecting the desired program, the machine automatically adjusts to the new format.
  7. No need of any welding station.

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