The new SICA electric saw model TRKC 160E (for cutting without producing chips or dust up to a diameter 160 mm (6.3″) or optionally up to 168.3 mm (6″ NPS, 6.6″) definitely exceeds all the limits of current hydraulic or pneumatic systems. In fact, inside the new machine, every hydraulic component and every manual adjustment required in the previous versions have been removed completely (such as the positioning of the cutting and counter-arms).

Everything is managed automatically and immediately by defining a few essential parameters from an operating panel, such as the type of extruded material, the diameter and thickness of the pipe. Each movement is electric, therefore silent, precise and extremely repetitive. In particular, for the movement of the cutting arm, the machine has been equipped with an innovative extremely compact servo-actuator which integrates the motor and gear unit, and which guarantees (when compared to other electric actuators available on the market) superior thrust force even at high speeds, impact resistance, complete absence of vibrations and high efficiency – all translate into superior final quality of the cutting process.

This gives complete control of every movement and internal positioning. This versatility therefore allows an automatic positioning adjustment of both the cutting arm and counter-arm, by simply defining the diameter being processed, and now offers greater possibility of an optimal intelligent management of the cutting process, which is prompted directly from the machine’s operating panel depending on the selected material to be cut. In fact, different cutting algorithms have been developed to obtain the best performance in terms of cutting quality and execution speed, among which: once the basic parameters of the pipe have been set, the most appropriate to use is automatically selected by the control system.

At the same time, the performance of the machine is maximized, allowing the elimination of handling inertia or delays in the overall cutting time. To cope with any emergency operating conditions (or due to the sudden absence of power), Sica has created an innovative electro-elastic hybrid system (patent-pending) that allows cutting tools to be secured, disengaging them from any pipe in transit and thus overcoming the typical intrinsic limits, from this point of view, of the electrically actuated solutions.

The standard equipment is completed by a touch-screen control display with icons that are easy to interpret and manage, as well as the presence of all safety devices (such as the access doors with interlocked and timed locks) that already constitute standard equipment for Sica cutting machines.

The TRKC 160E is a new reference point in the panorama of cutting machines for plastic pipe extrusion lines, completely eliminating both all kinds of manual adjustments and the presence of hydraulically or pneumatically actuated cutting devices – therefore essentially eliminating the relative operational and maintenance management complications.

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