SICA is a well-established Italian producer of downstream equipment for plastic pipes known worldwide. Nevertheless, not all pipe manufacturers are aware that SICA, besides pullers, saws and belling machines, also makes coilers and packaging machines to address the automation of the end of the extrusion lines.

The company has been producing coilers for more than 20 years, both for corrugated and straight pipe. Packaging methods used are plastic straps or film.

The company has recently released a new fully automated coiler for solid wall pipes up to 63 mm (2 in), named Smartcoil. It is a sturdy and reliable coiler that can be equipped with two strapping units, one for each reel.

In order to fulfill the latest needs of the flexible pipe producers, Smartcoil features:

  • Smaller footprint compared to previous model
  • Quick and easy setup: automatic adjustment of all parts needed to be set before starting new production
  • Energy savings due to high efficiency gearboxes
  • Low maintenance
  • Touchscreen display with user-friendly HMI for an intuitive user experience
  • Balanced coil with up to six straps to ensure a long-lasting dimensional integrity

Strong points of SICA as a coiler supplier are that it has 60 years know-how in handling pipes and it is a provider of complete end of the line solutions. Therefore, customers can count on one supplier for their complete downstream automation.

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