and key features

Vision based quality control system to be applied to Belling machines or stand-alone to evaluate the quality of the produced sockets and discard those that do not fall within the acceptance thresholds.
The system is equipped with its own operator interface, very powerful but at the same time easy to use. The use of multiple cameras and sophisticated optics allows you to check, for each pipe produced, the quality of the socket and the presence of the gasket in the groove.

Advantages and key features:

  1. Checks if the gasket has been correctly positioned.
  2. Checks if there are aesthetic defects such as spots of color (typically light or dark streaks) or any writings / logos are not visible as desired.
  3. Checks if measurement of the inner diameter of the gasket (D2e) is within the acceptable range.
  4. Displays the acquired images and the inspection result for the single tube (also in the case of multi-socketing).
  5. Sets the parameters required for inspection through the configuration pages.
  6. Monitor the inspected products, defective products, inspected quantities, etc.
  7. Defective products (deformed, without seal etc.) are identified and managed automatically.
  8. Eliminates the need for operators dedicated to quality control of production.
  9. Allows an increase in productivity where the need to visually check the quality of the product previously prevented from increasing the line speed.
  10. Avoids the problem of replacing any defective tubes inside already formed and strapped packages.

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