Dear All,
We are getting ready for the most important plastic show in Europe, the K show (Düsseldorf 16 – 23 October 2019). Sica worked hard to arrive at this event with new solutions to process pipes, and we are very proud to show you one of our results:

Brand New PP Pipe Belling Machine

Everbell4 200EN is a small jewel!
It represents an exclusive new Sica concept of multi-socketing machines. It processes up to 4 pipes at the time with only 2 ovens (approximately 40% less energy consumption) and 1 forming station. It is versatile and productive with different kinds of pipes and material formulations.

  • Proven technology: The machine has already been successfully tested for Sica in an extrusion line at a customer’s site for more than a month.
  • Extremely compact: only 233 cm (91.7 ″) wide, 89 cm (35 ″) narrower than previous Sica model and much narrower compared to competitors’ machines!
  • Extremely fast: 1200 sockerts/hour with PP-H pipes with 32, 40, 50 mm diameter and 1,8 mm (0,07 in) wall-thickness. The speed is not influenced by the simultaneous processing of different pipe lengths.
  • Extremely easy to use: it has a user friendly PLC for setting parameters, automatic diagnostic, remote assistance, quick tools change, reduced maintenance.
  • Extremely precise: socket shape is perfect in terms of socket dimension and shape, shape stability over time, and esthetics of surface and profile. It is equipped with a patented system to assure permanent socket profile for pipes from 32 to 200 mm (1.25 to 7.87 ″).
  • Extremely green: adoption of constantly controlled electric movements (in terms of position and speed) of the arms (for example, the forming station, flange, mandrels, etc.). No more hydraulic movements!
  • Extremely smart: with pipe moving arms electrically actuated, the speed of the arms changes automatically based on the diameter of pipe processed without any operator intervention. Another smart point is that the machine does not require many hours of experimentation to determine the first recipe for new sockets. The operator inputs the dimensional measurement of the socket and the PLC automatically calculates the process parameters and elaborates the first recipe.
  • Extremely flexible: it handles different pipe diameters with the same arms: 32-40-50, 63-75, 90-110, 125-160, 200 mm diameter. It can use socket shaping tools and ring inserting tools from the previous model (Everbell1-2-3 regular or PSP Type).

The machine’s innovative technology is patent protected, and it is currently available in Sica for a trial. It has a competitive price! Please book your visit shortly to evaluate all the plusses for your production competitiveness.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon, SICA Team

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